Sunbike Electric is born as an innovative motorcycle brand with a strategic approach on the European market. Sunbike Electric SL is a CM Partner Inc. subsidiary company focused on design, development and distribution of smart mobility products.


Parent company CM Partner Inc., established in 1987, has emerged as one of the best electrical & electronic CMS (Contract Manufacturing Service) companies in Korea. It has grown considerably during the last decade, with production and distribution facilities in North America and Europe.

Following its mission to mitigate and respond to climate change, CM Partner Inc. has provided continuous R&D investment on lithium battery technology and power electronics for electric vehicles. Sunbike’s core technology –including lithium-ion cells and electronic powertrain– is made in Korea by CM Partner Inc.

CM Partner

Sunbike Electric aims to increase awareness on the environmental impact of personal transportation, manufacturing ultra-low carbon vehicles that truly make a difference. Our vision is to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and become a global leader in the smart mobility industry.

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