Make a smart move.

Sunbike Electric is happy to announce the upcoming era of personal transport: the smart mobility revolution.
We already realized about the hazardous effect of exhaust fumes and their consequences, both for humans and nature’s health. We keep saying that electric cars are the solution, and they are quite cool indeed, however we should go beyond. Renewable energies, solar cells, yes we’ve all heard about them… but still, there’s something wrong if people get stuck in traffic.

What about an e-bike? Simply great isn’t it, but larger cities require faster vehicles in a jungle dominated by cars and trucks. Got it! electric motorcycles are smart… but you still need charging stations. Find them, deal with them. It’s okay, we just wanted to move even smarter. Electric two-wheelers are definitely the key, so where is the optimal balance between performance, utility and energy consumption?

Attaching a smartphone to a handlebar is not enough, thus we came up with the Sunbike Lite and Sunbike Plus. Two different versions of the same concept, powered by the Sun. We invite you to navigate through our recently published website and get to know more about Sunbike Electric. Thank you 🙂