At Sunbike Electric we are proud of using proprietary technology in our batteries, not only advanced electronic management systems but specially at the cell chemistry level. Sunbike relies on nanomaterial-based LFP pouch cells that are formulated on purpose for automotive use, featuring the highest safety standards while ensuring consistent performance over the entire lifecycle.
batteriesThe soul of the Sunbike is the battery pack, it required several years of R&D so you won’t need to pay special attention to it. Active cell balancing translates into higher efficiency and predictable range. A high quality connector and enclosure completes the package, that withstands daily use in real-world conditions. It is designed to last the life of the Sunbike. Guaranteed.

All the power electronics in the Sunbike were specifically developed to achieve the highest efficiency, obsessively solving heat dissipation concerns, while seeking the optimal balance between performance and energy consumption. As an electronic manufacturing company, we struggle to ensure reliability so you won’t get stranded on the road.

electronicsSunbike features full LED lighting, also for the main beam headlight. The efficiency gain compared to a traditional halogen headlight saves in one year enough energy to travel more than 300 km. The ECU is prepared for GSM and Bluetooth connectivity and the user interface is an intuitive LCD dashboard.

Oversizing the electrical specs -therefore increasing energy consumption- is a common path to overcome the limitations of a single gear, while multiple gears are noisy and penalize with undesirable mechanical losses. Our engineers are passionate for efficiency, so we developed an innovative 2 speed transmission integrated in the rear hub.


In most riding scenarios, the Sunbike relies on the simplicity and efficiency of a toothed belt direct-drive. And when the orography becomes tough and hilly, with the push of a button it engages the planetary gear reduction, allowing effortless climbing. Also, whenever the throttle is released for coasting, the motor comes to zero RPM due to the freewheel mechanism, reducing friction and belt wear.

Sunbike’s distinct design is present in every part of it, but if there’s something we are specially proud of, this is the all-aluminum frame and swing-arm construction. When it comes to vehicle dynamics, lightweight is synonymous of efficiency. Besides, it also improves handling.

aluminum The Sunbike combines high quality cast aluminum parts with stamped assemblies welded together. Yes, it rides as good as it looks.

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